I Know Every Minute...

She turned out not to be Angela, although she was very similar to her: the same figure, the same gait, the same hair. Mark was mistaken. That's understandable — 12 years had passed. He followed her in vain. As a result, he ended up at the police station and had to write a statement. And he remembered everything — literally every minute. How in the hospital he first met the gentle and touching Elia, and then the beautiful Angela, whom he called a deer for her long, slender legs. How they escaped from the wards and sat in the attic for hours, chatting about nothing. How he couldn't decide which of the two girls he liked more... He remembered a sudden feeling — a big, selfless one — and the day when everything changed. Vlada Kharebova's book is about empathy and a reminder of how fragile our world is. The story keeps the reader in suspense until the very last page.

lwh: 240x180x10 mm

Weight: 400 g

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