The Road to Tortuga

The developmental level of society is said to be determined by its attitude to children, the elderly and animals. This is what the warm, hooligan story "Road to Tortuga" is about. It tells of a boy who's not needed by his parents, an old man who's not needed by his daughter, and a dog who was brought to a forest to die. But they all need each other.
Tishka is nine years old, and his dad often says that children are nails in the coffin. That's why the boy's nickname is Little Nail. One day he meets an eccentric one-eyed old man, whom everyone calls the Goat Grandfather. But he turns out to be the cheerful and kind Skipper. The old man lives in a house that's intended for demolition, on the edge of a brand new neighborhood. And he refers to his overgrown land plot as Tortuga – the island of pirates. Little Nail and Skipper become friends. But their cheerful life is threatened by the old man's daughter Lara, who wants to send her father to a nursing home and sell Tortuga. She almost succeeds, but the friends escape. They embark on a dangerous river journey on a makeshift raft in search of the real Tortuga – the one in the Caribbean. Adventures, shipwreck, a night forest, a talent contest, illness and trials are in store for them. All to become a real family and find their own island of freedom.
In October 2021, the book received the V. P. Krapivin International Literary Prize.

lwh: 217x148x16 mm

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