When Angels Rest

Everything could have turned out differently if Alina had not ended up in Margarita Semyonovna's class. It was Margarita Semyonovna, or Marsyom, who helped the boys to believe in themselves by performing a feat of feats against the Black Dragon. It was she who organized the first ball for the girls, at which Cinderellas turned into real princesses. It was she who taught her students to count with their fingers and toes, to love good books, to be friends... Marsyom also told them about angels, and how they need to rest. But they can only rest when their wards do not do anything wrong and do not get into trouble. After all, angels have so much to do around the whole world, they need to be free to go where help is really needed.
A lot happened in Alina's life before she learnt this: V.G.'s visits, the disappearance of magnets from lockers, unrequited love, and the appearance of a new student who disrupted the usual rhythm of life in the fourth grade.
Marina Aromshtam's book "When Angels Rest" won the Cherished Dream national children's literary award, received a children's appreciation prize for discovering and introducing "Reflection on the Little Prince" to the world of reading, was awarded the A. N. Tolstoy and L. N. Tolstoy prize, and was included in the Liked By Children of Leningrad Region list and the White Ravens list of outstanding books of the world compiled by the Munich International Children's Library.

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