Sasha is 14, and she cannot find a place for herself anywhere. At home she has to put up with her high-strung mother and elder sister, and at school she suffers loathsome geometry and cruel classmates. But there's something that Sasha really likes — the sci-fi series “Fire Star” — and she plunges into this world completely. The main character becomes her best, albeit imaginary, friend. Sasha takes the name Arabella and joins a social circle of like-minded fans, finding new friends. This interest gives Arabella a real superpower – faith in herself. But where is the line between reality and fiction? What if the real world becomes more and more unbearable, and escaping into fantasy is easy? Sasha-Arabella has to find answers to these and many other questions...

♦ Laureate of the Kniguru All-Russian Literature Award (2021)

lwh: 210x143x16 mm

Weight: 450 g

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