Jenny Dalfin and the Hidden Lands. The Girl and the Chimera. Book 1

Back in early August, her life was simple and clear: she, Jenny Dalfin, the granddaughter and assistant of the magician Marco Francelli, lived and worked in the circus big top. She had friends – the aerial acrobats Edward and Evelina, the strongman Ludwig and his assistant James. She had enemies – the animal trainer Roger, a rude boor, and his student Caleb.

But one night, everything changed. Jenny found out that smuggled animals were kept in the circus, and decided to release them. Who could have known that these were not simply animals, but magical! Whoever could have imagined that there was still witchcraft in the world, that their circus was not a circus at all but the ancient Magus brotherhood, and that she was a fully fledged member, meaning she should be severely punished for her offence. But first, the girl has to catch the ice chimera – a terrifying, magical creature that she released from its cage.

About Jenny Dalfin: 

"Jenny Dalfin and the Hidden Lands" is a fantasy series about the young Jenny Dalfin who grew up in the Magus Circus. She knows how to throw knives and walk on a tightrope, she's underwhelmed by tame bears and acrobatic stunts, and has been accustomed to wonders and illusions since childhood. But it turns out that there is some real magic behind the scenes.

The Magus Circus is actually an ancient community of people who used to protect the world of people from the world of the first ones — supernatural spirits and monsters that existed before the appearance of humans.

It seemed that magic was gone forever from this world. But one day she returns with the old enemies of Magus, who have not forgotten anything. They need Jenny Dalfin for some reason.

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