Chameleon Theatre

Bogdan's life is filled with previously unfamiliar feelings and unusual habits after a new pupil appears at his school. Now, after school, he follows the girl, Vasilisa, trying to figure out why she returns to three different houses and also leaves them somewhat changed. And then Bogdan gets lucky: in the new school year he can join Vasilisa in the humanities class. The new teacher, also unusual and unlike anyone else, suggests creating a real theatre in the class. Putting aside embarrassment, anxiety, and jealousy, the pupils write the play for the first production together. About what? Something you don't always tell anyone about, even a friend. Except maybe when you're on stage, playing a role.

The book is aimed at readers who are building their relationships with peers, relatives, and with the world.

♦ Laureate of the Kniguru All-Russian Literature Award (2020)

lwh: 235x165x13 mm

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