About the Whale Cow Murochka

This is a story about the adventures of the whale cow Murochka, who considered herself a cat. Murochka (who looks like a whale) thought she was a cat. To find out who she really is, Murochka went ashore and went on a trip around the city on a scooter. After reading the book, you will feel a little like a whale: together with Murochka, for the first time in your life you will taste fruit, ice cream, and juice from a Tetrapak, try on jeans, get acquainted with the bulldogs Mozart and Strauss, as well as the seagull Dai-Dai, which considers itself a relative of Chinese tea. You will also experience freshly squeezed poetry from the market poet Benjamin Violet-Concombre and the survival secrets of the Kvamarovs. In addition, you will find out how many pots you need to cook a whale stew. But don't worry, not a single whale was harmed during the writing of the book.
This is a story about friendship – Murochka was looking for herself, but found friends. That’s all that matters. Indeed, sometimes even a large whale is very lonely in the vast ocean of many fish.

lwh: 295x210x20 mm

Weight: 795 g

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