Once in the Summer We Met Juliet

Fedor likes to draw cartoons, Nina enjoys reading books, Gerka the Ironman loves working out. Pashka, Katia, Grisha, Gerda…they are all different but they have met each other on the stage of an amateur theater located in old Pioneer Palace. There used to be many clubs like this in the past, but now only a very enthusiastic person is able to create a troupe of modern teenagers. It is a starting director named Boris.

…Italy, Verona, summer. The Montague family and the Capulet family. There is a war between them. Yes, Boris's troupe have dared to stage a classical performance, written by Shakespeare himself! This tragedy has been shown many times on different stages around the world, but this time Juliet's fate will be quite different…

♦ International Children's Literature Prize named after V. P. Krapivin — a special prize of the magazine "Ural" (2020)
♦ Catalogue "100 Best New Books for Children and Teenagers" (2023)

lwh: 217x148x16 mm

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