Under the Constellation of Stray Dogs

Yesterday they were abandoned, hungry, frightened — stray dogs. But today they have a home and friends. And it's not clear whether it's the dogs who are in most need of the people, or whether the people need the dogs even more. Some want and know how to love, and they just need to take care of someone. Others pay for this care with selfless devotion, which is not without reason referred to as doggish.

The book "Under the Constellation of Stray Dogs" is about love and true friendship, about firmness and justice, about sincerity and hope. But most of all, it's about kindness. The fates of the desperate and uncompromising Letka (aka Zhenka), the romantic but determined Sashka, the good-natured philosopher Petka, the "cool gal" Yulka and the other characters intersect in one way or another with the stories of various dogs. The animals help the teenagers understand their relationships with their parents, learn to understand and appreciate each other, and become more honest and more humane. Family dramas, romance, and even something verging on a detective story await you. And most likely you'll find you can't wait to learn how it all ends. The story took first place in the Kniguru Russia-wide competition for the best literary work for children and youth (2017).

Artist: Natalia Elina
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