The Forgotten Truth. The Milestone of Elements. Book 1

The Element is powerful and unbeatable.
The Element must be destroyed.

The Empire has been powerful and prosperous for centuries, conquering new territories due to its creators who can command the Element itself. They subdued Fire, Air, Earth and Water. What if this power hides a destroying lie?
Mick is a young creator whose life seems broken. Due to a mistake happening once every few hundred years, he is left alone and practically deprived of the power of Fire. Mick's family is accused of trying to organise a coup, and his parents are arrested. As Mick tries to find out the truth, he realises that he is caught up in a game which has a much bigger stake than just his own life.

Meanwhile, Darina, whose Element is Air, unlike Mick, cannot escape imprisonment in a terrible Water Prison. The secret, known only by herself, may prove to be either salvation or death.

These young creators are meant to save the war-torn Empire and change the course of history.
The characters have to make the right choice and challenge what seem to be immutable for centuries.
The war is coming and they will have to flee to the land of snow and forests, find loyal friends, fight not for life but for death, discover the mystery and understand the true nature of the forces given to them by the Element. They will have to realise who they really care about.

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