We are open to new meetings and proposals for cooperation.
Foreign rights & Licensing
Contact our team for any foreign rights and licensing inquiries.
Online store
We ship our books all over the world. If you live outside of Russia, write us a letter. We will tell you how to place an order.
Authors and Illustrators
Dear authors and illustrators, we are very glad to receive texts and proposals for cooperation from you. We expect texts in MSWord format, and we ask you to send us links to portfolios located on your websites or professional resources. We assure you that we read all the texts very carefully. If texts or illustrations fit into our concept, we will definitely answer you.
В каком виде мы принимаем работы
Мы принимаем рукописи в текстовом формате, а портфолио художников просим присылать в виде ссылки на сайт или профессиональней ресурс, например:,
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