Beastly Tales

This book contains legends and fairy tales, poems and songs, ancient fables
and modern adventure stories that animals of different forests around the world
tell and sing to their little ones, mainly before bed.

The collection also includes the fairy tales of the village of Okhotki: they will acquaint readers with the beliefs, myths, way of life and manners of little-known rural animals. Anna Starobinets' "Beastly Tales" is a spin-off of the popular "Beastly Crimes" series, intended for all its fans and their younger sisters and brothers. Here, Chief Badger of the Far Woods Police tells little Badgerkitten about the Sky Bears. The dog Polkan entertains the puppy Mukhtarchik with stories about the Great Dog and his sworn enemy Pusi-Don. The Persian cat recalls how the black magician cat Noir lured her into the Forest of Shadows. The little owl brothers Ug and Chuck learn that in the place of the Near Forest there used to be a field of honey carrots grown by the flying hare Krylukh. Badger Melesandra convinces her daughter that her dad was the first badger on the moon. The brave gopher Quivering Tail listens to the story of the laughing witch Coya, ancestress of coyotes, the little giraffe Rafik learns the legend of the Mango Gods who created the first desert animals, the little penguin is told the hunting tales of the shark-expert penguin, and the underdog hears a blood-curdling Arctic fox tale about a Frozen Demon.

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