The Mysteries of Charmed Waters. Book 1

Welcome to Charmed Waters! Here are the Seven Islands, harboring myriads of secrets. Everything is soaked in magic that can be controlled solely by Charmonites — living stones. Intrepid defenders ride winged draghounds to patrol the sky, while once-exiled chevaliers come back all of a sudden to get revenge for their long-standing grievances. 
Elda lives in an isolated castle. She is unaware that a ghostly stone with three spirited sparks inside is a treasure she fell heir to after her mother’s death. Someone is by all means trying to withhold the truth from the girl, but loyal friends help Elda to understand that the real world is not at all as she imagined. She will have to face the exiled, open a door to another reality, suffer betrayal from her loved ones, and find the power to go all the way to the end. Will Elda revive the declining order, solve all the puzzles, and distinguish real friends from betrayers? Read the whole story to find out! 
This is the first book from the Charmed Waters series by Yulia Ivanova and cartoonist Tatiana Petrovska. This book is intended for middle school readers and for all who fly while asleep and dream of magical worlds. 

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