Night Rainbow. Eight Worlds. Book 2

"Night Rainbow" is the second part of Marina Yasinskaya's fantasy cycle "Eight Worlds". Finding herself in the Eight Worlds, Vika just wanted to get back home as soon as possible. Fortunately, on one of the Shards of this world there is a person who knows the way back, and Vika managed to reach him. It may seem that the adventures are coming to an end and soon she will return home. But in fact, her Eight Worlds journey is just beginning! Vika will have to pull a friend out of gloomy Tumarya, learn the secret of her handmade pendant and her mother's past, find new friends and allies, face betrayal and again run through Tumarya to another Shard, fleeing the constables looking for her.

lwh: 217x150x16 mm

Weight: 350 g

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