The True Robot Vasya

Feed your family a tasty meal of food synthesized from air or make an old dream come true for your spy grandfather? Pass an exam for the whole class or do a 4D holographic broadcast in a boring biology lesson? Build a playground or organize a shelter for stray animals? Everything is within the power of the android boy Vasya, who tries to do only what is good and right. He is an ideal, caring, attentive and very smart superbot: he can graduate from school and become a teacher in just one day, understands the language of animals, recharges from a power bank, solves crosswords, cooks perfectly — and much more! But some want to dispose of Vasya because his intellect is too high...
"The True Robot Vasya" is a playful, touching and kind story written with warmth and sincerity. Each chapter contains a small lesson on life that can be useful not only for boys and girls, but also for their parents.

lwh: 235x165x16 mm

Weight: 390 g

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