Once the Seeming Will Come True

The setting is a typical sports camp for children with the usual range of activities, warm summer sea, steaming hot air with the scent of pine and iodine, two-day country walks, mandatory training and free time, discos and campfire bedtime stories. 
One night, Sonya Gamayunova walks out of the bedroom on a dare and fails to come back. A series of mysterious incidents follow. The summer camp becomes the scene of strange events. Old tales and legends come true, and Martha Vesnova gets acquainted with a veritable afreet, the spirit of fire. Once the Seeming Will Come True is a mesmerizing, mystic story. The characters – simple kids and adults, wise witches, the spirits of four elements, and inhabitants of the nether world – will have to face the primordial evil. Never before have summer adventures been so magical and dangerous! New books in the series are to follow… 

lwh: 217x148x20 mm

Weight: 450 g

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