Hello, Horse!

Hello, Horse! is a cheerful kaleidoscope of both ordinary and incredible adventures of a horse named Zucchini, a small girl called Sonya and their friends. Among them are two worth mentioning in particular, the kittens Cross-Stripey and Down-Stripey. The whole clique can suddenly turn up in the most unexpected places, such as in a museum, or on a stable roof, or at the finish line at a horse race. The friends always manage to get away with it, to the loud applause of admiring spectators. 
This edition of Asya Kravchenko’s story is illustrated by the talented Tatiana Petrovska and is the second joint project of the artist and the author. The first story Where Are You Running To? was also published by Apricotbooks. 
Several years ago, The Children’s Radio produced a radio play based on the themes of Hello, Horse! 
This story is intended for children of primary and secondary school age, as well as horses, dogs and cats of all ages, stripes and characters. 

lwh: 240x170x14 mm

Weight: 420 g

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