The Mysteries of Charmed Waters. The Invisible Island. Book 4

Elda and her friends understand that the world of Charmed Waters is threatened by a danger that is located at the heart of the islands, but they need proof to get the attention of the Council of Seven. Precious time is running out: the exiles are determined to take revenge, formidable ghosts insist on observing an ancient treaty, and someone is weaving endless intrigues to shatter the delicate balance between the orders. The invisible island holds secrets that are not easy to discover. Elda realizes what it is like to wear a stone without sparks in a society where respect and recognition depend on the brightness of Charmonite. Shani's appearance has changed beyond recognition, and Twilight is out of control, but the sisters are not willing to give up. Unexpected discoveries, priceless treasures, hidden worlds, loyalty, fear, hatred and friendship — all of this can be found in this new book about the Mysteries of Charmed Waters.

For middle and senior school-age readers.

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