Tim the Wanderer, or the Agatha Detective Agency


While scientists debate whether a dream is real or fictitious, Oksana Silayeva, the author of the fantasy series Tim the Wanderer, invites you to the wonderful world of Amalgam. Here, the logic of sleeplessness dissolves into the omnipotence of a night-dreamer. Almost accidentally, Tim came here to learn about the wanderers. He believed that any future could be changed. Every night the boy finds himself in a family detective agency in Silver Chestnuts Alley, (almost) fearlessly gets acquainted with the fantasy world and its inhabitants, and unravels “cases” worthy of Sherlock Holmes. Fortunately, he is lucky to have a mentor — а guide transcending universes, а family friend of four generations, а huge lynx named Pretzel. To sum it up, every night brings new sleuthing and adventures. You just need to have time to fall asleep and wake up. The book is for everyone who dreams of traveling to other worlds. To be continued! 

lwh: 217x148x25 mm

Weight: 470 g

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