The Mysteries of Charmed Waters. Friend or Enemy. Book 2


Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the Seven Islands in the second book of the Charmed Waters series. 
At Stonegarden High School, Elda reunites with her old friends and meets new ones, learns to control the power of her Charmonite, and tries to unravel the tangle of puzzles taking her back to the remote past. Nevertheless, life in the Phantom Castle is far from serene. The exiles keep following Elda, an attempt to help a friend results in disaster, and abandoned lands are swarming with beasts so sinister that surviving an encounter with them is not certain. 
It seems everyone is concealing something. Some are playing a double game – hiding their bitter hatred behind a poker face. Even one’s closest friend may turn out to be not so sincere at all. 
And most importantly: an ancient book presents the sisters with a difficult choice that may change Charmed Waters’ future. Will they forget mutual resentments, take a closer look at each other and find common ground to set off on the right path? Will their path be right or wrong? 

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