Mia. Seven Spinners

Mia has three elder brothers, three younger sisters and lots of daily chores. There are two joys as well – the sea and an old book in the attic. She does not know yet that the world is much bigger than she was told before. She does not know either that places exist where the sea is forbidden, because the sea means freedom, and people who dream of the sea are unwanted both by the Empire and the most trouble-free town in the world. Nor does she know that the inherited book is not simple at all, and the skill of writing your own story is more important than reading. All the more so because it requires courage. 
Mia is not sure that she wants to know dark secrets in which her loved ones suddenly turn out to be involved. She doubts whether it is worth sticking to a path with more questions than answers. There are too many oddities and coincidences, and zero certainty ahead. 
A novelette Mia starting the Seven Spinners series is the first fantasy book by Tamara Mikheeva, the author of many books for children and teenagers and the winner of several children’s literature prizes. 
In this new work, the writer reveals striking, fresh aspects of her mastery, and her tales become distinctively profound and parabolic. 

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