Old House Tales

It’s hard to take responsibility for everything, especially when you’re still in school. Taschka has to finish writing an article for her father, organize family friends’ wedding, find a good home for a crocodile and, most important of all, keep an eye on her very old house. 
The house itself seems to be alive, with nighttime sighs, squeaky floorboards and noisy drainpipes. 
Everything there is both usual and unusual at the same time: the dog and cat talk, the lady next door remembers Napoleon’s campaigns, and the slightly mad ghost of great-grandma makes her presence felt, along with an old cranky bogeyman and much more that is curious and odd. 
Old House Tales is the fourth book by Asya Kravchenko in collaboration with illustrator Tatiana Petrovska. The first edition was published in 2010, and three years later the eponymous audio performance was first broadcast on Deti.fm, a well-known Russian radio station for children. 

lwh: 240x170x12 mm

Weight: 390 g

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