Hare on the Runway

The main character of this new book by Yulia Simbirskaya is a talented young woman working as a fine arts expert, who has almost lost her sense of self after several years
in a difficult marriage. She has to escape, because life with her husband is becoming dangerous. Mia, her four-year-old daughter, loves her father deeply and wants
to conquer the “monster” living inside him. At a huge airport where the mother and daughter go in search of shelter, they meet an old hare who lives the dream of voyaging, an aircraft fitter who is grieving for the past, and a photographer looking for his lost childhood. 
The airport becomes an important locale completely transforming the pace of life of all the book’s characters. In life, nothing happens by coincidence, and everyone can finally find their runway, to take off and leave their old life behind. Sometimes, breaking free
is a matter of survival. 

lwh: 247x185x16 mm

Weight: 592 g

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