August 32. Eight Worlds. Book 1


Many years ago, the Eight Worlds were one. But then disaster came – the world shattered into Shards and now they are separated by a veil of dense, dark fog, into which no one dares to enter, except for the mysterious and fearless darkships. Ovo is one such world. Here calmness is cultivated, dreams are cared for, and laughter is baked. Twelve-year-old Vika arrives here on the last day of summer and does not know how to find her way home, in September, because the next morning in Ovo will be August 32. In the new world, Vika will find not only friends, but also enemies. Incredible adventures full of dangers await her, and readers will plunge into a world full of rainbow wonders and inhabited by unusual characters. 
Eight Worlds. August 32 is the first book of a long and fascinating story about goodness, treachery and friendship, and how dreams must also be chosen and cherished. 

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