Beastly Crimes. Mango Gods

"Mango Gods" is the fifth book in the "Beastly Crimes" series. The Far Woods Badger Police are sent on an assignment to the African savannah to investigate the kidnapping of a Gorgeous Giraffe baby, the newborn giraffe Rafik. The Badger Police are constantly faced with mortal dangers. After all, nobody is safe in the Far Sparse Woods: neither outsiders, nor the inhabitants. This is a terrifying and dangerous place, where cruelty and lawlessness reign, hapless victims suffer brutal atrocities, and the rule of the strongest reigns.

But for a brave and honest beast, the Sparse Woods can also become a place of power that helps the beast find himself and true love. Chief Badger, Badgercat and Vulture do not give up in the face of difficulties. They investigate, guided by the just principles by which the inhabitants of their native Far Woods live.

However, unraveling this complex case does not mean victory. It is necessary to tell the Sparse Woods inhabitants the difficult truth that they have uncovered. But those in power have no need for truth.

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