Peacock on a Walk

Kids think, “Peacocks are cool!” Mothers think, “A peacock is a very big bird.” Mothers have no need for a peacock. They have their own cares. But children need a peacock, of course. How can they live without one? 
Once there was a boy named Grasshopper, since boys often look like grasshoppers, and he thought about a peacock at night. The next morning, he found a real peacock sitting on the kitchen table… 
Grasshopper’s brother Pumpkin – so named since boys often look like pumpkins too – was incredibly glad. Grasshopper and Pumpkin thought their mother was also happy, and put their minds to thinking up some more interesting and useful ideas for the next night. 
Peacock on a Walk is a book about the daily life of one small family. It is a story balancing infant fantasies and a mother’s fatigue. Fantasy wins, of course. And love, too. And a peacock! 

lwh: 240x170x11 mm

Weight: 284 g

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