Catlantis. The Land of Good Girls

The little girl Polya was naughty. The Petrov family would prefer to raise a good girl. And on New Year's Eve, their cherished wish came true: the bad girl Polya remained in the old year, and instead of her, the Petrovs received a new, well-mannered, tidy little girl. Just completely unfamiliar. And their own Polya found herself being re-educated in a very clean, correct and scary place where children eat only wholesome food, love cleaning and do everything on schedule. "The Land of Good Girls" is a kind of children's dystopia. This country is not on the world map, and its border is locked. Only the loyal dog Balbes is able to sniff out the path that leads there. And only the heroic ginger cat Baguette can overcome the border between the past and the present in order to save his beloved mistress. After all, Baguette is not a simple Moscow cat, but a descendant of powerful ancient Catlants. And in "Catlantis" he will have to accomplish one more feat: go to the distant past and get hold of a magical Catlantic flower, which in times past gave cats nine lives.

These two fairy tale-adventure children's stories by speculative fiction writer Anna Starobinets are written in modern, captivating language, combining subtle humor with serious reflections on love and meanness, loyalty and cowardice, and how good often comes in unattractive packaging while evil hides in the guise of an elegant, shiny gift.

lwh: 240x170x20 mm

Weight: 400 g

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