Page One

Many years ago, over the hills and far away, boys and girls lived in a small, flourishing town. They were not afraid to go for a walk at night, and adults never locked their doors, for the town was the safest place in the country. The citizens could speak two or three languages and understood each other perfectly. 
This story is no fantasy tale. The city still can be found on today’s map. The main characters of the novelette are Aniko, Jacob and their friends from the shadowy backstreets of Tskhinvali. They are carefree 12-year-old teenagers. Their childhood is a storm of mixed feelings, with no time for banality or boredom: thunderous weddings, lush garden foliage… and a totally different story unfolding behind the scenes. 
Vlada Kharebova’s Page One is a prize-winner of the V. Krapivin International Children’s Literature Award. The book was illustrated by the author’s father, Merited Artist of the Russian Federation Valan Kharebov. The cover design is by David Kharebov, Russian Academy of Arts laureate and a winner of the southern Russian young artists’ prize Southern Wind. 

lwh: 240x170x35 mm

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