Where Are You Running To?

Chizhik the Dog spent his first summer in a cottage with his owner Simka. With the coming of autumn, the family moves back to the city. Chizhik does not like city life at all and decides to return to summer and stay there. He follows a trail, but the trail ends… 
Chizhik gets lost, then meets a homeless dog and fights for food for the first time in his life. But Chizhik and Lamplighter, his new acquaintance, soon start getting along well, and team up to lead the life of vagabonds. They steal food, chase cars and cats, and twist an army of quarrelsome grannies round their little tails. 
Chizhik becomes a wild street dog who needs no people. Sometimes, he thinks that maybe people need him… 
This new book by Asya Kravchenko – author of Hello, Horse!, The Old House Tales and The Children of Passage – is about dogs, of course. It’s also a story about people, friendship and growing up. Furthermore, it’s a fairytale of a big city as seen by kids. 
The book features 24 illustrations by Tatiana Petrovska and a mini cartoon: quickly flip the pages to make the dog in the corner of the page run. 

lwh: 240x170x10 mm

Weight: 320 g

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