The True Story of Federico Rafinelli

What’s this book about? It’s about Federico, a sad clown, the beautiful witch Nadira and the wicked imp Rumpelstiltskin … and Rafinelli’s circus, of course. There, in the colorful circus tent, some vegetarian predators, the world’s only angry elephant, monkeys in cowboy hats, the Worm Man, an aged Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs have gathered together. 
The story also tells that family is of great importance, even if your parents are a boisterous cannibal clown and a bearded clowness, that true laughter should be friendly, and that love and friendship save the world. The evidence is in the feelings that arise between a kind prince, a red-wigged clown, and a strange young lady with an eye patch. 
One last thing. Far from everyone laughs at others’ failures. There are way more good and kind people than wicked and evil ones – the former are just harder to notice. 

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