The Mysteries of Charmed Waters. The Exile's Hideout. Book 3


Elda faces an unexpected new turn in her life. Together with Shuny, she happens to visit the Exiles’ Hideout, a shelter that has long been hidden to outsiders. 
A long-desired meeting with her parents brings not only joy but a new challenge. The girl faces a hard choice, to part with her Charmonite or to disobey her parents’ wishes, to accept fate or try to change it. Friends do all they can to find the girls, but they have to act secretly, because adults are too busy to help out. Even worse, the only one who can wriggle unnoticed into the Hideout is threatened by mortal danger. A true enemy is not easy to recognize, even while growing ever more real. 
The third book from The Mysteries of Charmed Waters series is all about adventure and pursuit, the pain of grief and the joy of meeting, violence and self-sacrifice, friendship and betrayal, visual illusions and spheres of thought, encounters with the power of light, whiddie rides and meetings with water dragons. 

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