Chiara. Seven Spinners

In the town of Suek, a strange ceremony is held every year. The most beautiful girl with all her feminine power becomes the king's, after which she disappears forever. The town's residents meekly part with their friends, sisters and daughters without asking any questions. And only the brave, daring Chiara Dronvakhla from the jewelry guild is plagued by doubts. Who needs this magnificent sacrament? What happens to those chosen by the king? And what remains when everything is taken away? How is it possible to live in a world where nobody listens? Who can provide support when everyone you love has been taken away? Can you resist if you don't belong to yourself? Chiara will have to learn the terrifying secret of universal prosperity, find impossible allies and do something terrible. She will have to allow someone else to harness her feminine power, but who?

Tamara Mikheeva's new story from the "Seven Spinners" series (the first book of which is "Mia") is about another girl whose lot is to possess a special skill — to destroy or save worlds.

Illustrations: Yulia Bilenko

lwh: 217x148x20 mm

Weight: 376 g

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