Heart of Gold

People say looks don’t matter. But they act quite differently. Quiet and kind, but considered ugly, Malasha is shunned and even insulted in her own family: not much to look at, she attracts troubles, and people steer clear of her. Cursed even before birth, Malasha was born under an unlucky star – deprived of affection and kindness. But everyone envies her quiet disposition and golden hands. 
This bright, captivating and lyrical tale by Elena Musatova resembles both a philosophical parable and an adventure novel. The characters face sharp turns of fate, countless troubles and unexpected salvation in desperate situations. But there can only be a happy ending for those who do not squander their heart’s warmth and understand that happiness cannot be built on someone else’s misfortune. 

lwh: 247x185x15 mm

Weight: 569 g

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