The Terrestrial Adventures of Baby Mars Rover

Life isn’t simple, especially when you’re small… or if you’re a homeless mini cleaning machine. Imagine you’ve been adopted by a family. You adore your mother. Her name is Lorry-ma, and she’s the most beautiful, eco-friendly and kind-hearted lorry in the whole town. Best of all, she loves you. However, she loves the big crawler excavator Papa Eck as well. This is the first problem. Aren’t kids supposed to come first? Even worse, Papa Eck doesn’t like being discredited by you… Perhaps he simply doesn’t like mini cleaners at all? How is it possible then not to act out of spite..? 
Everything changes when a new Baby Mars Rover comes to the garage. He doesn’t appear to be well suited for terrestrial life … How truly hard but interesting life can be! 
Marina Aromshtam is a writer, educator and chief editor at She has depicted a situation common for many families and recreated the action in the world of vehicles. It turns out that even the most insolent child can become responsible through the experience of caring for others and feeling parental trust. 

lwh: 240x170x10 mm

Weight: 336 g

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