Tyreen. Seven Spinners

The city of Rila is great and beautiful — rich in science and creativity, with museums, theaters and a huge Library. But the city of Rila is treacherous and cruel — a prison for the vanquished, who were herded here after the unification of the Empire. These people are not allowed to speak their native language, pray to their gods, or learn to read and write. But the young Hofolarian Tyreen did learn. She reads forbidden books, keeps Hofolaria in her heart and dreams of leaving Rila one day. Tyreen also dances in the moonlight in the forest glades, and her dance summons spring, helps trees and grasses, dispels trouble. Tyreen the witch knows: the world is huge, but you are a part of it; dance to discover the secrets of the universe, absorb and share them. Dance!
The story "Tyreen" continues the "Seven Spinners" series — a fascinating fantasy by Tamara Mikheeva, the author of many works for children and adolescents and winner of several awards in children's literature.
"Tyreen" is the third book in the "Seven Spinners" cycle, but the reader is free to read the books in any order, because everyone has their own path.

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