About Us

Apricot Books

Our Prime Purpose :

This site has been compiled by Kevin and Pandora Young and originated from their print business.

Their experiences have proved invaluable for being able to assist many people grow and develop in many areas of life.

Our goal is to provide resources for people when writing and illustrating books, articles, advertising pieces etc and point them in good directions and give assistance wherever and whenever practical.

Along with that we aim to promote books and products that our users have either written or developed or might be interested in.

We strongly support the development of ‘self’ and encourage users to use self-development material, courses and books.

We also strongly support good health so that we can be fit and active to share with and support our families and do the things in life that we were born to do and share with others.

The world is a wonderful place and our very being here makes it even more special but brings with it a responsibility to leave it a better place than when we arrived.

We trust you will derive some benefit/s from visiting ApricotBooks.com and welcome and comments or suggestions you may have

Address any questions, comments and helpful hints to…….. info@apricotbooks.com

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